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Maternity wear has at long last become more attractive. Now with the volume silhouette back in fashion, the early months of pregnancies are even more easily accommodated with normal clothes. 

With this project, we are going to start with a few basics (trouser, skirt & t-shirt) - inserting pieces or changing design lines using your master pattern to convert it to maternity wear. These patterns you can use for all seasons, made individual with the careful choice of fabric and a little creative variation; you'll have heaps of options in making your new wardrobe for this exciting stage. 

You will need trousers and a few skirts - expandable as the time goes on - tops to mix and match with your bottoms. This will give you more versatility and you won't get so sick of the same old clothes. We're also using a Empire-dress pattern and do changes with it using it as a dress or shortening it for additional tops.

MATERNITY WEAR Designing Project

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