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About Lutterloh Educational Videos

I have compiled a number of educational videos covering a variety of topics, which I believe will assist you to:

  • Make better use of your Lutterloh System

  • Provide you tools you need to learn how to create beautiful, stylish, and professional looking garments from the comfort of your own home

  • Expand your sewing knowledge and be more creative

How does it works?

The number of videos per topic varies from two to eight and you can watch the first part free of charge, but there is a fee payable of between A$2.00 and A$4.50 to watch the rest of the videos. Once purchased, we will share the remaining videos with you and you can view it as often and as long as you wish to

There are currently nine topics available and four will be added annually:


1. Quick Plackets: An Introduction

Part 2 (covers the left side placket) 

Part 3 ( covers the right side of the placket). Fee: A$3.50

2. Explaining a Jeans Pattern (the front)

Part 2 deals with the pockets of the Jeans

Part 3 explains the the back of the pattern. Fee: A$3.50

3. Explaining a Princess Line Dress pattern - Part 1 (Introduction)

Part 2 elaborates further on the Princess Line pattern. Fee: A$2.00



4. Fitting Jeans Paper Patterns Part 1 (Preparation)

Part 2 deals with "Fine tuning crotch length"

Part 3 "adjusting crotch length". Fee: A$3.50



5. Women Sleeveless Tops (Fitting the paper pattern) 

Part 2 - covers adjustments

Part 3 - fitting sheer garment

Part 4 - fitting sheer finished garment,

Part 5 - fitting heavier woven garment. Fee: A$4.50

6. Adjustments on Trousers (Trouser legs width)

Part 2 (adjusting crotch length),

Part 3 (adjusting legs length)

Part 4 (waist adjustment). Fee: A$4.00

7. All in one facings (Step 1)

Step 2 - Step 5. Fee: A$4.00

8. Waistbands explained (Interfacing)

Part 2 Waistbands explained (Elasticized)

Part 3 Waistbands explained (Overlap side),

Part 4 Waistbands explained (Under-lap side)

Part 5 Waistbands explained (Facings)

Part 6 Waistbands explained (shaped waistbands)

Part 7 Waistbands explained (Combination). Fee: A$4.50

9. Zips (Trousers fly-front: creating pattern pieces)

Part 2 - Trousers fly-front (Overlap and fly facing)

Part 3 - Trousers fly-front (Under-lap and fly shield)

Part 4 - Trousers fly-front (Joining sections). Fee: A$4.00

10. Jeggings (Introduction)

Part 2 - Selecting and comparing Lutterloh patterns

Part 3 - Fitting patterns and sewing garments

Part 4 - The end result. Fee: A$4.50

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