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The quick and easy way to draft your own patterns. This system can turn anyone into a professional Pattern Maker. You can make in minutes what it takes Dressmakers and Tailors years to learn and perfect.



It's easy


It fits


Use only two measurements


No complex calculations or tracing


You never have to buy a pattern in your life again! The Perfect Solution for Today's Busy Sewer



Video Short Demo
3 min

Instruction Video 
15 min 






to view online. You can also download and print the instructions.

...we will give you an idea  how our system works.



"Sewing for yourself is economical and fulfilling when you create clothes that fit well."


Making fashionable, professional looking clothing, requires complete control over fabric, style and fit.


Choosing and making your own patterns, is the ideal way to create your individual style and achieve consistently proper fitting garments.


The Lutterloh pattern making system is the perfect solution for today's busy sewer.


Fashion conscious sewers from around the world have been using the Lutterloh method for decades, beginners and professionals alike. This system is quick and easy to learn. Astonishingly simple, you need only two measurements to make an excellent fitting pattern every time.


Click here to see a video-demonstration of our Pattern Making System.


Enjoy the Lutterloh patterns and a lifetime of sewing pleasure!


Silvia Lutterloh

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The Lutterloh System & 2 Curves

The Lutterloh System


$219.00 + Shipping costs


 $189.00 +

Shipping costs





for a bustmeasurement of 130 cm or more


40 fashion-styles & pattern-designs (August 2015)


$89.00 + Shipping costs


$23,00 + Shipping costs




Save money by ordering a one year subscription

76 fashion-styles & pattern-designs

$69.00 + Shipping costs


plus Shipping costs




54 fashion-styles & pattern-designs

70 fashion-styles & pattern-designs


$28.00 + Shipping costs



plus Shipping costs



Special Price - Tailors-curve + Designers-curve incl. protecting cover Tailors-curve incl. protecting cover

$40.00 + Shipping costs


plus Shipping costs



Designers-curve incl. protective cover

- Item 43 -

 Roll of drafting paper (Newsprint) - Each roll is 80cm wide and 30 meters long. The ideal paper to draft your patterns on

$22.00 + Shipping costs

1 x 30m roll for $13 plus Shipping costs




- Item 42 -
Collecting File


$16.00 + Shipping costs










Lutterloh Club…..join the Club???

We are offering the following services with the Lutterloh Club:

1. A comprehensive aftercare service. You can call on Sonja's assistance with regard to any problem you have with a specific pattern of the Lutterloh System, for sewing instructions or with designing of your own patterns. She will reply within 48 hours
2. Access to a video every third month (four a year) compiled by Sonja with handy sewing and pattern making tips on the Lutterloh System
3. One Online Project/Class of your choice per annum. Normal price NZ$55 (A$52)
4. One Quarterly Supplement of your choice. Normal price NZ$33 (A$31)

So how much will it cost me?

All the above provided for a fee of only $NZ59 per annum, that is about A$57 or US$45 depending on the current exchange rate.

So how does it works?

If you want to become a member of the Lutterloh Club, email me at bezzy@xtra.co.nz and I will send you a PayPal invoice or go to the ORDER link on our website an subscribe there. Once you have paid we will provide you with contact email addresses (not bezzy@xtra.co.nz) where you can email Sonja with any questions, problems and designing aspects regarding the Lutterloh Pattern Making System. Also to request your Online Class/Project and Quarterly supplement. We will also email you a link every three months to view the videos



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How many times have you wanted to take a sewing class but just couldn't find the time? We've developed the ultimate learning solution -- online sewing classes! No more advanced class scheduling, overloaded classes or missed opportunities. Sew at your own pace ... from your own place with Sonja Bezuidenhout right by your side!

Easy to follow instructions
Clear illustrations
Step-by-step guide from beginning to end
On-line support with every class


>> READ MORE...... 

'Your Personal Style Solutions' portfolio program. This is a computer assisted custom-made style identification program for men and women. READ MORE.....




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Year Program

Here you can find our Year Program

The Lutterloh System

Our system exists since 1935 and is offered in over 40 countries and is translated in 15 different languages.

Customer Opinions
This is what customers are saying about the Lutterloh System
Alois Webb from Perth, Australia:
"I have been wanting a pattern system like this all my sewing life! . I am beside myself with how incredibly easy a perfect fitting pattern can be. Why didn't I know about it years ago!"
Louise Sparrow (Coombabah, QLD - Australia):

"I purchased the Lutterloh patternmaking system from you in Brisbane and have since made several patterns for myself (including pants, which is the real test) and am absolutely delighted with the results.  This is the first time I have not had to make a single adjustment to a pair of pants - perfect fit!"

Elizabeth Kirkby (Hobart - Australia):

" I bought the kit in Hobart at the craft fair early this year and have had so much fun making clothes from six 6month to size 22 ...just love it "

Jackie Goff

(Sydney - Australia)

" Thanks for the fast response.  I must say that I truly enjoy the "customer service to the max" that you provide to your customers - it is unheard of these days to get prompt, individual attention."

Learn Online!

Lutterloh Patterns will be offering Online Classes on various topics to students all over the world. Each class will have a different scheduled commencement date, with many starting 2-3 times per year, so you can take the course when it is convenient for you. Read more.......