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Aug 12, 2021
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We participated in a round table with Visual Concept in which they told us some of the main news of NBA 2K22. In recent days we have had the opportunity to participate in a round table with Visual Concept in which we were presented some key elements of the playful experience of NBA 2K22. The presentation did not allow us to see the game on the move, but above all it allowed us to understand the heart of the novelties that Visual Concept intends to introduce in the next appointment with the series. Like the previous year, the new chapter of the franchise will be released for NBA2K22 MT for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch and will present two versions, namely a Standard Edition and an Edition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the NBA. Now, however, let's find out what Visual Concept told us about NBA 2K22. What's new on parquet Listening to the guys from Visual Concept, the focus that emerged can be divided into two macro areas: the experience on the field and the playful experience with MyTeam and MyCareer, the main modes of the game. Starting from the first point, the main concept reaffirmed by the team was the desire to create two separate but equally unique experiences, as regards the new generation version and that for the past generation (which, like it or not, will also include the version PC). The idea was to continue along the lines of what was done in the previous edition given the excellent responses from the public to buy NBA 2K22 MT. The tangibility of the steps forward in terms of gameplay is clear that they will be felt more on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X, but during the presentation the developers promised news and interesting ideas compared to the past even for those who intend to play the game on the others. platforms. The speech focused more on two aspects: the ever deeper and more detailed feeling of physicality, defense and shooting. The three aspects are extremely connected, as the idea is to offer a different feeling based on the player used and his physicality, to be combined with a revised system for shooting, blocking in defense but also animation. to steal the ball. Especially following the feedback received with NBA 2K21, the intention is to review different systems (especially those related to shooting) in order to give more space to the player's ability. On the real parquet there is often talk of "high IQ games", and the idea of ​​Visual Concept is to try to gratify a player who tries to risk relying on his skill, and not on a sort of "Russian roulette" as in some cases might seem like years gone by. These innovations are strictly linked to a more in-depth work done on animations, and were made possible also thanks to a strong motion-capture work that the development team had already planned for the past edition but which has been postponed to cause of the 2020 pandemic.


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