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This is a 2-week course designed to teach you to easily sew patch, welt and tailored pockets.

The time frames for 2012 - when you can post questions to Sonja - will be:


bullet10 April - 24 April
bullet2 July - 16 July
bullet3 September - 20 September
bullet12 November - 26 November


Price: US$29 (Includes Postage & Packaging)

Expanded Description:

Pockets can provide a functional addition to a garment, or add a dramatic accent to a tailored jacket or garment.

By following the easy step-by-step instructions of the Pockets Online Class on how to sew pockets, will make them so much more fun and creative with sewing ordinary clothes.

I will personally answer your questions as we go along, and you will have the opportunity to see what others ask and the answers as well. You will not only learn a lot, but will also have fun.


Introduction to Pockets
Square Patch Pocket
Chevron Patch Pocket
Rounded Patch Pocket
Slanted Patch Pocket
Lined Patch Pocket
Tailored Lined Patch Pocket
Pocket flaps and Welt basics
Mitred Welt Pockets
Double Welt Pockets
Zip Pockets

Student's comments:

Sue Cumming from Melbourne says: " Thank you for the opportunity to sign up for the Pocket Workshop. I found the notes to be most helpful and have now a better understanding of "doing pockets". It was certainly worth it and exceeded my expectations, particularly as there were such nice clear notes and diagrams."


Keryl Enright (Western Australia) says: "I have bought both the pocket lessons and the zip lessons.  I have done most of the pockets but read only for the zips.  I am really happy and have found it a good resource investment.  I will subscribe to future lessons if offered.  I live in rural WA so donít have easy access to lessons.  Being able to save the step by step lessons for future reference will be very worthwhile."

If you want to enrol to this CLASS, please click on ENROL and follow the payment instructions. Happy Sewing!



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Order online
You can use your credit card to buy online from 2CO, our authorised retailer, with a safe & secure connection. click here here to go to the order form.


Learn online!
Lutterloh Patterns will be offering Online Classes on various topics to students all over the world. Each class will have a different scheduled commencement date, with many starting 2-3 times per year, so you can take the course when it is convenient for you. Read more.......

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